Keith Enevoldsen

Non-Executive Director

Keith was born and raised in Guernsey and attended Elizabeth College before joining the Civil Service.

Having decide that was a little staid for his tastes, he left fairly promptly to set up his own waters-ports and boardsailing business. Having spent three years doing that he progressed to selling Open Market properties for the next eleven years, becoming interested in the art and culture, that many of his clients collected and curated.

Having 'done that' he then spent three years at the Jacksons Motor Group - selling money ! Having missed the cut and thrust of the property market, he once again entered the property market and is now in charge of the residential sales team at a leading multi national property agency in the Island.

His interests include playing all and every racket sport, sea fishing and wine. Mostly the wine.

A qualified auctioneer, Keith is rarely on the rostrum these days, but is remembered for the speed of his gavel.