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Online Valuations

If you have an item that you would like to have valued for sale at auction, we would be delighted to give you an initial opinion for FREE.

Please complete the form below to send an email to us, including the following information:

  • attach clear images (jpegs) of the item and any marks/signatures
  • description of the item
  • details of any marks/signatures/maker's names
  • dimensions
  • condition/damage
  • any provenance/history
  • any other comments
The better the quality of your images and the more detail you can supply us with, the more accurate our estimate will be.

Please Note: it can take up to 1 week for our specialists to reply.

Item Details Only ONE item per submission please.



Contact Information
Upload Images Please attach clear color JPEG images of the object, both front and back, as well as signatures, maker's marks, or any areas of damage.
Maximum size of each image 1.5 MB. Maximum total size of all images is 4.5MB.
Important Note: Once you have submitted your images there will be a delay before the next page loads as your images are uploaded. The length of the delay will vary depending on the size and number of files you upload, the type and speed of the internet connection you are using and the performance it is achieving for the duration of the upload.