Forthcoming Sales

18 Feb 2021

24 Mar 2021 10:00 to
25 Mar 2021 10:00

Specialist Sales

Wine Sales

As part of our specialist sales we hold a dedicated annual Wine Sale, offering fine wines, champagnes, ports, madeira, whisky and spirits. Our expert consultant can offer you advice on your wine of interest.

There is a buyer premium of 10%.


Guernsey Cherished Vehicle Registration Numbers

Offering both registration numbers for motorcars and motorcycles, Martel Maides have acted as the States of Guernsey's preferred auctioneer of registration numbers since 1998. Our experienced auctioneers can attribute a realistic value to a number plate.

Registration numbers can be sold at our regular auctions and at the dedicated Cherished Registration Number plate specialist sales.


Watch our calendar or sign up for emails for notification of the next specialist sale.