Forthcoming Sales

10 Jan 2018 10:00

Single Owner Sales and Private Collections

The Single Owner Sales are Martel Maides' most anticipated and successful auctions in the calendar.

Our aim is to achieve exceptional results by capturing the essence of the collection. We understand how important it is to reflect the tone of the collection - embracing style, taste, and artistic endeavours.

The team at Martel Maides delight in providing a tailor-made sale that addresses the needs of the consignor. We manage all logistical preparations and develop specified marketing campaigns that evoke the nature and spirit of the collection. Auctions are held at our salerooms or on site where the collection is housed, capturing the ambience of the original setting and helps to achieve best prices.


See our sale of La Seigneurie, in the island of Sark which our team viewed as one of the most exciting and fulfilling sales they have worked on recently.